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About Dumax TV

“Just because you’ve made your home hundreds or thousands of miles away from your motherland, doesn’t mean you have to stop watching the dramas, television shows and movies you’ve grown to love.”

That was the spark that ignited the Dumax team into action. We believe you should be able to turn on your television and watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Borders should never hold your viewing pleasure hostage.

That spark became our ultimate goal. We wanted to create a simple product that would bring the familiarity of home back to southeast Asians living abroad. The Dumax Android Box (our flagship product) does exactly that. It was created in collaboration with several companies that have more than 30 years experience in the video technology field.

The Box connects you to 30,000+ hours of movies and video on demand content, along with your favorite shows from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Besides that, it picks up dozens of international channels… streams content Via XBMC, Netflix and YouTube… even enables you to share your favorite videos with other Dumax users. The built in Google browser coupled with smart phone features, gives you the power to instantly access your favorite websites.

Now that the goal has come to life, we invite you re-connect with the shows, movies and celebrities you love today, tomorrow and forever.

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